Domestic Animals

Welcome to the farm! Flemish giant rabbits, hairy Highland cows, and cashmere goats are some of the barnyard animals you’ll find here. Learn how taking good care of domestic animals helps imperiled wild animals survive, too.

What To See and Do

Feed a llama a snack.
Llamas, goats, sheep, and other peckish critters step right up to enjoy a mouthful of grain from your outstretched hand.

Speak sheepish.
“Baa.” “Mieh mieh.” “Me-e-e-eh!” Say hello to sheep from all over the world, including karakuls, St. Croix, and Suffolk.

Hop over to big bunnies.
Flemish giant rabbits weigh up to 26 pounds! Meet our pair of colossal cottontails in their pasture.

Meet a VIP (Very Important Pig).
Domestic pigs have played important roles in many cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to modern-day French chefs.

Solve silly animal riddles.
Use your decoder* to discover the answers to barnyard riddles such as “Why is it hard to have a conversation with a goat?”
(Decoders are handed out at the Admissions window.)