Meet Rose, Our Texan Treasure

August 10, 2012

After reviewing more than 500 name submissions in our Cattle Call contest, Queens Zoo staff have chosen a winning moniker: Rose. The swiftly growing calf lives with her mom and brother on the Farm.

Joan, our 7-year old longhorn cow, gave birth to a burnt orange beauty in May. The speckled calf weighed in at 60 pounds at birth, and was frisky from the get-go. This charismatic calf needed a name. 

Zoo staff gave animal enthusiasts a chance to submit ideas. Thanks to your enthusiastic response in our Cattle Call naming contest, we received more than 500 suggestions for what to coin our not-so-little symbol of the American Southwest. 

We eventually selected “Rose,” a name that pays homage to her roots. The rose, you see, is our country’s national flower, and the yellow rose is a Texas icon. 

Come visit Rose and her family on the Farm.