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The Education Division of WCS offers a variety of learning experiences for teachers; throughout the year, on weekends and during school breaks. Whether on-site at one of our five WCS parks across the City, online from the comfort of your home, or through our partnerships, teachers can earn credit as they learn how to connect to wild nature.

Class Visits

Whether you are seeking to enrich your class field trip to the Zoo or a lesson in your own classroom, the Queens Zoo’s Education Department offers a wide range of opportunities to enhance science curricula for grades K–12. Our time-tested, teacher-endorsed programs include workshops for teachers and students that are aligned with the National Science Education Standards.

School Programs

Enrich your class field trip to the zoo with an educational program. Our inquiry- and standards-based curricula take advantage of the Zoo’s naturalistic exhibits and allow students up-close encounters with animals from the Zoo’s educational animal collection in a supervised environment. 

Teaching Fellowships

The Queens Zoo Education Department’s Teaching Fellowship program is a unique opportunity for college students, recent graduates, and graduate students to explore conservation education in-depth. Fellows acquire the skills needed to provide a wildlife classroom that invites and fosters student-directed learning, and learn pertinent information about conservation issues with a global impact. Particular emphasis is placed on the Wildlife Conservation Society’s efforts to protect wildlife and wild lands.

Queens Zoo Volunteer Program

Volunteers at the Queens Zoo work with the Education Department. As a member of the team, you'll teach schoolchildren and other visitors about animals by leading guided tours, assisting with special programs and events, speaking at narrated feedings, and helping with arts and crafts activities.

Professional Development at the Zoos and Aquarium

The Education Division of WCS offers teacher courses throughout the year, on weekends as well as during vacations, at all five WCS parks across the city. All courses provide new teacher credit and many can be taken for graduate credits from area colleges or P credits from the NYC Board of Education. 

Online Professional Development

Through convenient online and hybrid in-person and online programs, we are reaching new audiences of busy educators. Courses include books, kits, and other educational materials to use in the classroom. Our online courses are also a great way for you to connect your students to educators around the country and throughout the world!

Distance Learning

Take your students on a trip to the zoo without leaving the classroom! Using two-way videoconferencing technology, the Bronx Zoo’s Distance Learning Expeditions bring live, engaging programs directly to your K–12 class. Programs include extensive teacher support materials.