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Cattle Call: Name our Calf

There's a new Texan in town, with big brown eyes, a white speckled coat, and a frisky gait. The Queens Zoo's longhorn calf arrived on May 26 and lives with her mom and brother on the Farm. She seems particularly fond of her neighbors, the Scottish highland cows, who share her barnyard home. With visitors moo-ning over her charming antics, it's time to help coin our calf. Give her a name! Submit your choice below.

Contest ends Friday, July 20

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Symbol of the Southwest

Texas longhorns are known for their beauty and intelligence, and named for their signature horns that can extend up to 6 feet from tip to tip. These hardy cows thrive in the rigorous living conditions of the ranges in the Southwest, and are the foundation stock of the region’s great cattle industry.

Watch the calf frolic on the Farm >>