Waterfowl Marsh

On a meandering marsh, ducks preen their feathers, sandhill cranes fish in the mud, and trumpeter swans call. Telescopes provide up-close views of the birds, and a rustic path takes you over a bridge and along the banks of this waterfowl haven.

What To See and Do

Meet the locals.
Canvasbacks, hooded mergansers, and redheads are just some of North America’s native ducks that inhabit the Zoo’s marsh.

See crane performers.
“Tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk. Garooo-a!” The rhythmic calls and dances of the elegant sandhill crane will surely deserve your “Bravo!”

Learn the facts about feathers.
Who needs a closet full of accessories when you’ve got feathers to help you fly, control your body temperature, and attract mates?

Look out for gators! (Seasonal exhibit)
Just across the way from the waterfowl marsh, an American alligator is king of the pond.