Get a bird’s-eye-view of the scenery as you circle up the walkways of our aviary. You’ll start out on the forest floor, where ducks paddle by, then make your way to the treetop perches of parrots, cardinals, and egrets.

What To See and Do

Test your birding skills.
Keep an eye out for a variety of bird species, including quaker parakeets, turkey buzzards, cattle egrets, and pintail ducks.

Say hello to our chattiest residents.
In summertime, meet our talkative blue and gold and scarlet macaws. Other seasonal (and loudmouth) residents include a pair of hyacinth macaws, the world’s largest parrots.

See a relic of the New York World’s Fair.
Before it was a home for birds, this geodesic dome—designed by Buckminster Fuller—was part of the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows.

Enjoy the view.
From your high perch over Flushing Meadows Park, spy on coyotes and look over a canopy of colors.